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Canterbury Voices visit Kenya!

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I thought I would just let you know that the Canterbury Voices trip to Kenya was a real success and everything worked even better than anticipated. Our stay at the Cooperative University of Kenya was a real treat and we had the opportunity to experience a taste of life at a Kenyan university. We performed at a large scale community event in Nairobi with the Glory Voices and a local children’s choir before travelling out to Kabarak University in the Great Rift Valley for two performances at the Kenya Music Festival where we also met many inspirational musicians and students and saw some fabulous singing and dancing. We also spent a memorable day in the National park and the choir officially adopted an orphan elephant! We are aiming to return at some point to work with children in a local school and have established links with an organisation which invites musicians and music students to work with disadvantaged children in a Nairobi children's home. I have more images if you would like them for your publicity? I cannot thank you and all at Cantiacorum enough for your support in making this fabulous trip possible for the Voices - we are all so very grateful. Please do let us know if there is anything we can help with or do (we are always available for performances etc) as we would very much like to be able to support the work of Cantiacorum. In other choir news... our fund raiser event at the Shirley Hall in March raised more than £2000 for the scholarship fund and we are able to provide some support for 6 young female musicians. We are planning several find raising events for the coming year so that next year we can hopefully help more to achieve their goals in music. Thank you again for your support which is invaluable in helping to provide such fantastic opportunities for the choir members. Best wishes Kerry

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