Cantiacorum Foundation was founded on 1st April 2011 by the late Donald Beerling M.B.E. and Mrs Poppy Beerling. For many years Donald and Poppy owned The Dominican Priory, St Peter’s Lane, Canterbury. They ran The Priory as a Community Centre and over the years numerous groups, charities and individuals used it as a meeting venue. No charges were ever made and Donald and Poppy worked endlessly to maintain the building and ensure that all who used it were able to do so successfully. As the years passed it became apparent that Donald and Poppy would no longer be able to continue to run The Priory however, they both wanted to ensure they would still be able to assist charities and individuals in their much-loved county of Kent. It is for this reason that Cantiacorum Foundation was founded. Donald and Poppy transferred The Priory to Cantiacorum Foundation and following the death of Donald in 2013 and in accordance with the wishes of both Donald and Poppy The Priory was leased to the The King’s School in order to ensure its ongoing upkeep and use. It was renamed The Beerling Hall in recognition of Donald and Poppy’s tireless commitment and achievements during their period of ownership. 


Over the past 11 years grants in excess of £575,000 have been awarded to more than 50 charities who provide assistance to a wide number of causes to include hospice care, support for disabled children, respite breaks for disabled / disadvantaged children and adults, community choirs, aids and equipment for those suffering from illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis and Osteoporosis.  Charities assisting those with hearing loss and autism have also been supported.  The number of grant requests received continues to increase as the network of contacts grows.


The 8 Trustees of Cantiacorum Foundation are all committed to ensuring that Donald and Poppy’s values and principles are reflected in all decisions made. They both worked tirelessly to support numerous charitable causes and it is a privilege to be able to continue their efforts. When considering applications for grant funding the Trustees try to ensure that the widest possible range of causes are supported and applications are always welcome from organisations new to Cantiacorum Foundation and those who have previously benefitted from a grant. The Charity will only operate within the historic County of Kent.