In March 2020 Go Beyond received a grant of £4032 form Cantiacorum Foundation. This donation supported 4 children who attended 5 days of respite at the Go Beyond Coastal Centre, Cornwall, in November. Whilst at Go Beyond the children were able to experience a week of dedicated care and exciting activities. The week included a variety of activities including adventurous, imaginative, creative and reflective experiences. Because of this support children who face serious challenges every day had the opportunity to escape their everyday lives and go beyond all that they thought possible.

Check out the Go Beyond Report 2020 for further information and stories. (Names in the report have been changed)

Click below to open and view Go Beyond's 2020 Report!

Download PDF • 3.75MB

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We were happy to support Blesma in their aim to provide emergency personal alarms for Blesma members and their widows.

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