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Go Beyond is the charity giving children and young people facing serious

challenges in their lives the chance for a break that lasts a lifetime.


On breaks under wide open skies in the countryside, Go Beyond’s expert

staff and committed volunteers give children and young people who have

been bereaved, abused or bullied, who are living in poverty or caring for loved ones the chance to escape their worries and pressures. To have the moments and experiences they need to believe in themselves and think beyond the day-today for a bigger, brighter future.


From splashing in the river in their wellies to braving the dizzying heights

of a rock-climbing wall, each break is packed with activities intended to encourage self-belief and inspire adventure.


By getting out and getting involved, Go Beyond’s biggest hope is for each

child to go home knowing they can achieve more than they ever thought

possible, inspired by what the world can offer them, and what they in turn

can offer the world. Every break is totally free-of-charge for the children and young people. 

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