Rainbow Trust received a generous grant from Cantiacorum Foundation towards our work with families in Kent who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Here is an example of the type of work the donation has funded: Cleo is four years old and was diagnosed with hypo plastic left heart syndrome, which means the left chamber of the heart is under-developed, before she was born during her 26 week scan. She lives with her parents and elder sister Bo and has under gone three open heart surgeries in her short life. Mum Joanna explains how Nicki her Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker helps her and the family: “One of the best things Nicki helps us with is hospital visits.

Having Nicki to support us means that my husband Rupert can continue working, I don’t have to go to appointments by myself, and Bo is still looked after. She’s there when Cleo needs blood taking, she sits with her and calms her and also listens when doctors are talking about Cleo’s condition. Nicki’s also there with me when things just get on top of me. She’ll sit with me and just be there when I’m crying. She’s there to just give me a hug when I need one. Each time your child has an operation you worry that they might die. You need someone to talk to who knows that so you don’t need to keep saying it.

The whole family love Nicki.