Little Hearts Matter were delighted to receive support from the Cantiacorum Foundation. This kind grant has helped to fund our Family Support project in Kent & Medway, providing vital support for families affected by a diagnosis of half a working heart.

This funding has helped to provide our telephone and digital support, printed information booklets covering a wide range of topics such as preparing for surgery, starting school and safely exercising with half a heart. In a typical year this would also have helped to fund face to face events, however in 2020 this grant has helped to run these support events digitally.
As one parent says,"Little Hearts Matter brings a whole community of single ventricle heart families together. They provide support, evidence based advice and very essential information for the multiple situations families will go through along their journeys. This kind of support, guidance and reassurance is invaluable and a crucial resource to enable families to cope and move forwards". We are incredibly grateful to the Cantiacorum Foundation for supporting our work.

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