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We have been working with Cantiacorum Foundation since 2014 and have always found them to be incredibly helpful and are so grateful for their support.

We have had the pleasure of meeting trustees Nicola and Chris on a few occasions and were very glad to show them the difference the funding from the foundation has made to us. Over the last three years the foundation has kindly supported much of our work in Kent, giving us funding towards a care assistant, awnings to keep the sun out of one of our teenage bedrooms, therapy sessions, parents meals and a seat belt system for our mini bus.

As we receive very little government funding, support such as this is so important in enabling us to provide vital care to families across the South East. As a children’s hospice we are here to help those who may not live a long life to live a full life. We provide compassionate and expert care for babies, children, young people and their families when they need it most. We help families play and enjoy quality time together whilst creating precious and happy memories. If this time is cut short, we are still here to help ease the family’s fear and anxiety and move forward from their loss.


Whatever it takes we are here for our families, providing bespoke, expert care and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.