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The Cantiacorum Foundation has generously supported Blesma since 2019. We are so grateful for the Foundation’s continued support which has made a lasting difference to our Members lives.

Blesma is the only national Service charity that pledges to support limbless veterans for the duration of their lives. We look after older generations of veterans living with limb loss and empower young and old to live independent and fulfilling lives in their communities. At the heart of the process is the shared experience from traumatic injury, through recuperation to eventual stability while providing support throughout their lives when needed.


Through the kind support of The Cantiacorum Foundation we have been able to ensure that our Members living in Kent have had access to equipment such as emergency personal alarms, adaptations and support services to alleviate some of the practical, financial and accessibility challenges brought on by limb loss or injury.


The Foundation’s most recent donation will continue to help our local limbless and injured veterans. For example, one of our Members living in Dartford, who lost an eye while serving in Northern Ireland, received help to cover the costs of a mobility scooter. This enabled him to get out and about to socialise with friends and family and continue with his love of photography. 


We are incredibly grateful to The Cantiacorum Foundation for their support to ensure that our Members in Kent continue to live independent and fulfilling lives.