Many congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of the Cantiacorum Foundation and all the amazing work that you have done over the decade! We are so honoured to be a part of your journey. On behalf of everyone at Whizz-Kidz and all the young wheelchair users you have helped us support, I’d like to send you our very best wishes for the Foundation’s future plans.


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If left for too long without appropriate support, disabled children can develop a learned helplessness, which can hold them back and affect their transition into adulthood. Whizz-Kidz are incredibly grateful to Cantiacorum Foundation for their wonderful and ongoing support, with which we have been able to provide vital and life changing mobility equipment to several disabled young people from Kent.

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Daniel’s Story

Cantiacorum Foundation has helped us to transform the lives of children like Daniel and his family overnight and for this we are hugely thankful.


“Daniel is 17 years old and lives with his family in Faversham in Kent. Daniel has Cerebellar Ataxia, which means that he sometimes has difficulty with his balance and walking. Previously Daniel had used a manual wheelchair and the help of his friends and family to get about, but as his condition had deteriorated and Daniel has grown taller it was no longer safe for him to do so. Pushing a manual wheelchair caused Daniel to tire very quickly and this meant that he had been reliant on others pushing him around – therefore giving him little choice over where he went.

Thanks to the support of Cantiacorum Foundation we were able to provide Daniel with a new powered wheelchair that gave him maximum independence and the opportunity to start living life to the full.


Daniel now makes his own decisions about where he goes and gets to places on his own without being pushed by others. It has given him the confidence and independence to take up football and swimming once again, activities he had previously enjoyed as a child. This has allowed Daniel to become more active and meet lots of new people, which he loves. It has also made an enormous difference to Daniel’s family life as they are no longer reliant on using the car to get around, so they can enjoy taking their two dogs for a walk altogether. Thanks to your support and his new powered wheelchair Daniel is now able to look forward to the future and to being able to lead a life full of freedom and independence.”