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It has been our pleasure to work with Cantiacorum Foundation over the last two years, as we sought funding for our vital services supporting families affected by multiple system atrophy (MSA) in Kent and Medway.

The generosity of the Foundation provided 31% of the funds needed to deliver our lifeline services and 80% more than applied for.

As a small charity who relies entirely on voluntary donations, the Multiple System Atrophy Trust was exceptionally grateful to receive funding from Cantiacorum Foundation. The grant allowed the Trust to continue its services giving the people of Kent and Medway access to a MSA nurse specialist, training for carers, advice on symptom management, support group attendance and regular updates. We really appreciated the work of  Cantiacorum Foundation’s trustees and staff as they kept me updated at every stage of the application process. As the sole trust fundraiser for the Trust, being updated at each stage of the application process really matters, as it removes the uncertainty that we face following the submission of grant applications and reduces the risk of having a project over funded.


Your support is greatly appreciated by the members, trustees and staff of the Multiple System Atrophy Trust.


Joan Smith, Interim Head of Fundraising